Jenda: A Journal of Culture and African Women Studies
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The New York Public LibraryNYPL selects JENdA as the best African Feminist journal in Women's Studies and Social Sciences

JENdA journal was recently selected by The New York Public Library as the Best of Web for Social Sciences and Women's Studies by its librarians in 2011. JENdA was the only African Feminist and African Women's Studies journal to be included. Click here.

IntuteIntute selects JENdA as the best Educational Web Resource

"The journal, despite the belligerent tone that characterises many of its articles (2001-04), especially the editorial comments, maintains a high standard of critical rigour on its chosen topics. The site, with its supply of links to other sites on African topics, is therefore a useful resource for researchers on African culture and cultural theory generally." To read the full review, go to Intute.

Jenda wins 2002 ICAAP award for excellence in Electronic Publication
JENDA Wins 2002 ICAAP Award for Excellence in Electronic Publication

The ICAAP Award for Excellence in Electronic Publication (IAEEP) is given out once every year to the electronic journal that is deemed most successful in advancing the art and science of electronic publication.


Scout Report SelectionInternet Scout Report selects JENdA as a new promising journal for research and education, 2001

JENdA: A Journal of Culture and African Women Studies has been selected as a Scout Report by the Internet Scout Project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in their March 2, 2001 issue.

"Published by Africa Resource Center and directed by an all-African women team of co-editors, this new ejournal represents in part an effort to occupy and redefine the space of African Women's studies, a space initially defined by white female scholars. Judging by the inaugural issue, Jenda holds great promise, offering a large selection of interesting and engaging essays and other content, much more than comparable print or online journals. In addition, the left-hand side of the journal page contains a fairly deep Africa-focused bibliography, organized by topic. The main Africa Resource Center site offers a wealth of Africa resources, including several additional ejournals, databases, bibliographies, an online art gallery, and more." -- Michael de Nie, Director of Scout Report, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Click here.

Women on Okada, © Azuka Nzegwu
Women on Okada, Azuka Nzegwu

Africa Resource Center, Inc., is pleased to publish Jenda: A Journal of Culture and African Women Studies, a peer reviewed ejournal devoted to the promotion of the research and scholarship of African women to the global African community and friends of Africa. JENdA documents and responds to debates on women's history and studies in African social, cultural, political, and economic systems. It creates a forum for African women scholars, analysts and activists to participate on an equal footing with their contemporaries worldwide in debates, exchanges of ideas, and the creation and documentation of knowledge.

For educational purposes this site may be linked to others on the WWW. Commercial use of any material contained on these web pages is strictly prohibited. Everything published here is the property of Africa Resource Center, Inc. Every effort has been made to ensure compliance with requirements of copyright clearance and appropriate credits. Please bring any omission to our attention.

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